Powerful sonic vibration

The acoustic stream generated by the powerful sonic vibration can effectively activate the solutions such as sodium hypochlorite and EDTA, and deliver them to the entire root canal, including accessory canals and isthmuses.

Highspeed bubbling action

Its highspeed bubbling action by AW-100 thoroughly washes off smear layer, pulp tissue, and debris in root canals, and even in even accessory canals and isthmuses which never be cleaned only with rotary files and hand files. The root canal treatment with vibration is necessary for a long-term success.

A wide range of instruments

The file holder can accept a wide range of conventional rotary files. Thus, users can choose the best file for each treatment among a lot of options in the market.

Available coupling

KaVo® Multiflex®

Midwest 4-hole

Borden 2-hole