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New Factory in Nakaikegami, Tokyo

New Factory in Nakaikegami, Tokyo, Japan

We are pleased to announce the expansion of its machining facility in Tokyo Japan as our third factory in April 2023.
The new factory addresses increasing demand and growth the company has experienced. Micron Corporation is devoted to maintaining the same consistently high-quality products.

Aerosol vs SA-100

Aerosol vs SA-100

We ran a standard ultrasonic scaler and our Supersonic scaler SA-100 at the same time and took a slow-motion video with a high-speed camera using a filter to visualize aerosol.

Aerosol generated by handpieces is one of the causes that increases the infection risk at dental practices. We performed an experiment to visualize aerosol generated by power-driven scalers that are used very often at dental practices.

The filter is applied from elapsed time 3 sec. to 4.5 sec. Each water volume is set at 25ml/min. The experiment finds that the ultrasonic scaler starts widely splashing at 2.5 sec. and the motion becomes more obvious past 3 sec. On the other hand, the Supersonic scaler keeps generating about the same amount of splashing from the beginning to the end.

In general, the smaller airborne particles are, the longer they remain airborne, and the wider they spread. This also applies to aerosol generated by the ultrasonic scaler. The flow of particles in the video shows that the ultrasonic scaler generates smaller particles than ones generated by the Supersonic scalers.

The size difference of particles between the Supersonic scalers and the ultrasonic scaler is caused by their frequency differences; the Supersonic frequency is 17,000Hz, the ultrasonic frequency is 20,000 – 50,000Hz. Applying the logic above in reverse, the Supersonic scaler with its own unique vibration generates less aerosol in the air as the video shows.

YU-100 on Dental Tribune!

YU-100 on Dental Tribune!

We are very happy to announce that an article about our brush handpiece, YU-100 is in the Ortho Magazine Vol. 4 published by Dental Tribune!