Product information


M-Tip is a safe and effective solution for root canal irrigation with sonic vibration.

The thin and flexible PEEK polymer tip can follow the canal curvatures safely without further enlarging the canal, and activates irrigant throughout the canal.

Thin, Flexible, and Safe

The small tip diameter (.25 mm) with a variable taper (from .02 to .05) allows navigating the canals to the working length smoothly even after minimally invasive preparations.
And, the safe and flexible tip made from PEEK polymer follows the canal curvatures without further enlarging the canal.

Acoustic steamning

Sonic-activated tips create an oscillatory flow in the root canal, leading to acoustic streaming of the irrigation fluid.
And, the powerful stream effectively activates irrigant and delivers it to the entire root canal, including accessory canals and isthmuses.

Effective cleaning

Dentinal tubule orifices are patent and wide after two-minute EDTA immesion and thirty-second irrigation with the M-Tip.
(Photo taken by Scanning Electron Microscope with a magnifying power of 5000.)

No special equipment

The sonic irrigant activation requires no extra space to install additional devices, using only an air sonic handpiece connected to conventional equipment, and is adaptable to the majority of final irrigation protocols.

Expert opinion

Dr. Carlos A. Spironelli Ramos

U. S. A

Sonic handpieces employing special PEEK polymer tips oscillating between 1,500 to 3,000 Hertz frequencies have long been proposed for irrigant agitation/activation as alternatives to ultrasonic metallic files.
The advantage is a more flexible tip without the risk of breakage, leading to the same good results.

Dr. Carlos A. Spironelli Ramos

DDS, MS, and Ph.D