Product information

Handpiece Counter 2

HPW-2 is a revolution and frequency tester for dental handpieces. Its non-contacting sensor enables easy and quick measurement.

Non-contact measurement

Measure revolution or frequency by presenting the sensor to the target object. You can use HPW-2 in a free angle and position without touching the moving object. Thus, easy & safe measurement. HPW-2 is employed during R&D, testing, quality control in factories, maintenance of delivered products, etc all over the world.

Measuring revolution

Revolution from 5,000 to 999,000 rpm by inserting one of the attached measuring burs to a chuck of the target object. Suitable for revolution measurement of instruments, such as dental air turbines and micro motors. *For measuring 1 to 4,999 rpm, the optional attachment LHP-1 is required.

Measuring frequency

Measure from 1 to 200,000 Hz by magnetizing the scaling tip of the target object and bringing it to the sensor. Suitable for frequency measurement of instruments, such as dental air scalers and ultrasonic scalers.

Measuring burs

For mortor and hightspeed handpieces