Product information


YU-100 is a newly-developed sonic brushing system. The combination of a nylon brush and sonic vibration enables an efficient and powerful cleaning of various intraoral sites.

Sonic vibration

Sonic vibration and nylon brush are the perfect combination to realize effortless, powerful, and precise cleaning. YU-100 provides easy plaque removal by lightly applying the brush on tooth surfaces. Patients even feel the comforting vibration despite its powerful cleaning effect.

Unlimited applications

Suitable for cleaning braces, implants, exposed roots, interdental spaces, fissures, marginal gingiva, etc. For example, regular maintenance is essential during orthodontics treatments or after dental implantation, and YU-100 is the best solution for it. Furthermore, annoying plaque disclosing agent removal can be easily done by YU-100.

Advantage in shape

The compact shape and optimized angle of the brush holder allows easy access to various intraoral sites and good maneuverability even in a narrow space, such as the distal side of terminal molars.
* Comparison with a conventional prophy handpiece and YU-100.

Available coupling

KaVo® Multiflex®

NSK Mach®/Phatelus®

Sirona® Quick

Midwest 4-hole