Product information


SA-100 is a supersonic scaler that achieves extraorinary gentleness by its revolutionary high-frequency. Its micro amplitude and orbital motion of the scaling tip enable less invasive treatment.

Less invasive

The micro amplitude and orbital motion of the scaling tips enable less invasive treatment compared to conventional ultrasonic scalers and sonic scalers, and especially suitable for removing interdental calculus and cleaning periodontal pockets without pain. The less-invasive treatments are essential for patients, especially who are sensitive to pain.


The frequency of the supersonic scaler SA-100 is very close to the ultrasonic range, and it doesn’t generate uncomfortable running noise which conventional air scalers do. Thus, SA-100 enables comfortably quiet treatments for both users and patients.

Super sonic scaler


Convensional sonic scaler

Easy handling

The light-weight design and rubber grip enable easy handling without burden for users, even in a long-time treatment.

Available coupling

KaVo® Multiflex®

Bien-Air® Unifix®

NSK Mach®/Phatelus®

Sirona® Quick


Midwest 4-hole

Borden 2-hole