Product information

Quick Jet M

Quick Jet M is an egonomically-designed prophy jet handpiece for removing stain and plaque quickly.

Powerful cleaning

The powder jet stream quickly removes stain and plaque. The small and long head enables easy access and better maneuverability in a mouth.

Ergonomic design

Easily portable spacesaving design for storage. Attachable to turbine hose and no installation is required. The user-friendly designed grip fits more comfortably in your hand.

Full autoclavable

All components, not only the head are sterilizable in an autoclave. You can use it safely and hygienically. Inner powder passages can be cleaned from tip to toe easily and quickly.

Available coupling

KaVo® Multiflex®

Bien-Air® Unifix®

NSK Mach®/Phatelus®

Sirona® Quick


Midwest 4-hole

Borden 2-hole