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MICRON Corporation is the Medical Equipment Manufacturer.

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1-34-14 Higashiyukigaya,Ota-ku

Tokyo 145-0065, Japan



More effective conduction of the subsonic vibration increased cleaning efficiency (compared to our former other products).
The dedicated design makes best use of the characteristic features of its brushes.
The newly developed slim and lightweight handpiece will reduce the strain on the hands during treatment.


Dedicated Design for Brushing


The dedicatedly designed handpiece provides simple look and operation.
YU-100 does not require cumbersome installation.
Simple and easy use with its lightness, handpiece shape that fits into userfs hand and better access to teeth.

Effective Cleaning by Subsonic Vibration

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YU-100 has wide range application. Breaking biofilms by bubble generated through water flow and subsonic effect under running water, plaque removal by its washing action, small stain removal using polishing paste without water, etc.

Brush Holder with User-friendly Angle

The near-vertical angle of the head allows easy access to variety of sites within the oral cavity including distal of last molar or intersection corner.

Colorful Grips


Silicone grips in three colors come with the delivery. Users can recognize her or his own handpiece.
Standard colors: pink, yellow, green
Optional colors: blue, brown

Made of All Autoclavable Parts


The handpiece is sterilizable in an autoclave with the silicone grip on. However, avoid the dry cycle.
(The brushes are sterilizable up to about 10 times.)

YU-100 brushes (teeth cleaning brushes)

Four choices are available according to the condition of the oral cavity.

1. F-small Brush, 2. F-large Brush, 3. M-small Brush, 4. M-large Brush


MICRON Corporation

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1-34-14 Higashiyukigaya
Ota-ku Tokyo 145-0065,Japan
TEL +81-3-3726-0396
FAX +81-3-3726-5396