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MICRON Corporation is the Medical Equipment Manufacturer.

TEL. +81-3-3726-0396

1-34-14 Higashiyukigaya,Ota-ku

Tokyo 145-0065, Japan

QuickJet MQuick Jet M


The powder jet stream readily removes tobacco tar, tea tannin, stain, and plaque. With Quick Jet M, tooth whiteness and brilliance will be recovered speedily.

Quick Jet M

Compact design, handpiece type.


Easily portable spacesaving design for storage. Attachable to turbine hose and no complicated installation is required. The user-friendly designed grip fits more comfortably in your hand.

Available in four colors.


Quick Jet M comes in four colors - ivory white, mint green, sky blue, and black. It will make your dental office bright and colorful.

More cleaning efficiency with newly designed head


The smaller nozzle outlet enables pinpointed and efficient cleaning in a short time. The rotary head easily cleans areas hard-to-reach with conventional jet polishers.

Sterilizable in an autoclave.


All components, not only the head are sterilizable in an autoclave. You can use it safely and hygienically. Inner powder passages can be cleaned from tip to toe easily and quickly.


MICRON Corporation

Overseas Division
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1-34-14 Higashiyukigaya
Ota-ku Tokyo 145-0065,Japan
TEL +81-3-3726-0396
FAX +81-3-3726-5396