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MICRON Corporation is the Medical Equipment Manufacturer.

TEL. +81-3-3726-0396

1-34-14 Higashiyukigaya,Ota-ku

Tokyo 145-0065, Japan



We contribute to dental treatment of the world by safe and creative dental equipment.


Since its establishment in 1976, our company, Micron Corporation has been providing high-quality and creative products to the dentistry field.
Our original technologies are utilized in all of our products - three-way syringes, air scalers (air-driven tartar removers), root canal treatment systems, as well as jet air polishers.
We successfully developed world-first air scaler with light and high-vibration air scaler driven by compressed air which reached inaudible frequency range first time in the world.However, we are never content with these success.
Improvement of medical services is a fundamental subject for the future human society, so we will keep going forward to contribute to the world through our dental instruments.



Dental care requires advanced therapeutic techniques, thus treatment instruments must be highly safe and reliable.
In order to meet the quality standard required by the site of dental care, we have been developing and improving our internal quality systems.
We successfully received the international standard for quality assurance ISO 13485 from the notified body TUV Rheinland Japan.
We produce products meeting expectation of the treatment sited under strict quality management systems.


MICRON Corporation

Overseas Division
TEL +81-3-3755-0396
FAX +81-3-5747-5396
1-34-14 Higashiyukigaya
Ota-ku Tokyo 145-0065,Japan
TEL +81-3-3726-0396
FAX +81-3-3726-5396