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MICRON Corporation is the Medical Equipment Manufacturer.

TEL. +81-3-3726-0396

1-34-14 Higashiyukigaya,Ota-ku

Tokyo 145-0065, Japan



Soft and powerful subsonic vibration delivers optimal efficiency and patient comfort.

VIP-60 4H/2H

Easy handling and hygiene control.

VIP60 provides fog free view and improves working efficiency.
VIP60 is fully autoclavable and chemiclavable for easy and perfect hygiene control.
Easy Installation, Just to connect existing standard 2-hole or 4-hole handpiece coupling.
Ergonomic design, Half-matt surface finish guarantees firm grip.

Patient Benefits.

More comfortable with softer vibration and elliptical tip movement, patient feels less pain.
Causes much less irritation and bleeding than ultrasonic scaling, suitable to sensitive patients and children, too.
Serves preventing periodontal disease by removing pathogenic dental calculus, plaque and stain.
No contra-indication for pacemaker carrying patients-generates no electromagnetic frequency, no interference occurs.

3 attached scaling tips.


• Universal Tip
   Designed for curved surfaces and sub/supragingival areas.
• Sickle Tip
   Designed for supragingival area where thick and hard band calculus deposits adhere.
• Perio Tip
   Designed for root/interproximal areas and sub/supragingival areas.

Connection type


Midwest 4 hole or Borden 2 hole type available.


MICRON Corporation

Overseas Division
TEL +81-3-3755-0396
FAX +81-3-5747-5396
1-34-14 Higashiyukigaya
Ota-ku Tokyo 145-0065,Japan
TEL +81-3-3726-0396
FAX +81-3-3726-5396